Personal Statement Impact Question


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How much does the personal statement weigh into the decision making process for the board? If you ask to be unfit, does that seal the findings?

I originally had my NMA stating that I desired to remain on active duty, but since my conditions have worsened, I submitted a personal statement requesting to be found unfit and to disregard the NMA.


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This is just my $0.02 opinion, but I think the only time a personal statement would carry weight is if it was a condition that you could successfully remain on active duty with.

If it is a coin toss and you say you want to stay on active duty, then it might have weight.


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i know that this is an old post - but i just wanted to say that while i am unsure that my husband's personal statement had any impact - his lawyer [for the FPEB] called him just to tell him that my statement about what i see [outside of work] was incredibly telling. he wound up reading the statement to the board during my husband's FPEB last week, i am assuming to make sure they hear the side of things that maybe his command does not see when he is still trying to be an outstanding sailor [albeit having statements from all his co-workers as well]. i hope every thing has wound up turning out positive for you. many prayers!
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