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Will the PDA have information on my case before I sign my 199?

Just trying to find the holdup on my ratings, Found unfit by PEB June 22nd. Peblo is telling me that the VA is done with my ratings about 3 weeks ago, is there somewhere I can go to view my VA ratings?


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My Peblo gave me a copy of the proposed ratings. Your VA rep can pull them as well. Don't hold your breath for anything to arrive in the mail. I truly believe some VA reps and Peblos are reluctant to give them to you before the PEB has made their decision since they are only proposed ratings and if the PEB has questions they could still change before you receive the 199. I read that you can request them from the VA 10 days after your case goes historical.

I would call the VA rep who helped develop your claim first. He should have access.


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Don't forget that the duties of your MSC Coordinator is to assist with that as well. I asked mine and all he did was log in to the site he loads the claim form and medical documents into and emailed me a copy of mine.
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