Pilot going to an FEB instead of an MEB or DQ

Hi, I'm AD AF of about 9 years, haven't flown for the last 2-3, ground deployment one of those years and DNIF for the last year now. I was doing well in pilot training, however, my skills quickly deteriorated afterwards. I deal with back pain and attention deficit which make it very uncomfortable to fly in any capacity. Flying also increases the pain and issues I'm experiencing, which is what lead me to stop flying. It is to the point that I do not want to fly due the difficulty I have focusing and the impact to my QoL. X-ray and MRIs show trace bulging in my discs, but nothing black and white that would DQ me. I'm basically DNIF based on my own word. I've received news that I'll be heading to an FEB, but I do not know under what reason it will convene yet. Is DQing me or sending me to a MEB more appropriate?