Plantar Fasciitis rating question


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Hi, I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis at the C&P exam for my MEB, though the rating system states you get rated if your issue is not resolved by orthotics. I’ve never even attempted to get orthotics but the examiner said the issue is moderate and affects functionality in the report. Because I haven’t ever attempted to get orthotics does this mean the rating will be 0%? Thank. PS, I had an MRI show nothing on the feet a year prior, but the doctor said fasciitis doesn’t always show up as it can be micro tears.


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I am very curious to see what comes from this. The verbiage that discusses plantar fasciitis gave me the impression that is dependent on what the provider grades it as in terms of mild, moderate or severe. Moderate diagnosis for you is hopefully enough to designate some sort of percentage.
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