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I have a question regarding mi MEB.
Im currently going trough the IDES process for a lower back injury. i tought i was done whit medical appointments until today i got a call from the va saying that one of the doc had ask for XRAYS on both of my shoulders, when i didnt claim ANYTHING related to my shoulders or my upper back.
The thing is I got raised in another country in southamerica and had a shoulder surgery at 12 years old that i did not disclosed the army upon entry, because getting the medical files for this would be imposible(i know i fucked up ).Even when i told this to the recruiter i was told to remain silent. Wich i did and it wasent hard since i barely spoke any english.
My shoulder is not an issue, i have no problems whit it or theres anything in my record for it to be screened by the VA, my fear now is that i told this lady on the phone that i refused to take the xrays and the consecuences this would bring to my case.
Do i have the right to refuse to hace the xray done?
can they force me to get an XRAY?
How is the va going to proceed since i refused to have the xray, and will this affect my other legitimate claims( lower back , acl, BH etc)
If some of you could provide some insight around this it would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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I think you are overthinking this. Your lower back will be rated. If they lined up everybody that held something back and marched them into the sea, the barrack would be empty!
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