Post-decision on from TDRL to PDRL (Navy) to BUPERs/"in their system" how long should this process take?


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Hello, first off thank you for everyone in this forum, I've used it so much to get answers during this process..

So I'm at 50% TDRL bipolar, which is due to be over May 27. Already had my reevaluation (March 4th) and didn't hear anything back.. My PEBLO said he would find out where my case was at, but then never got back to me.. Through these forums I found Tonjua Howard e-mail and inquired where my case is at. He told me they sent me an e-mail on 7 April (which I've checked through my spam and I definitely never got it?) and since they didn't hear back I'm presumed accepted at 50% PDRL however, BUPERS isn't reflecting this change of status and says I won't be eligible for healthcare after the 27th.. When I asked the PEBLO about this he said they're working on it and there's nothing more for me to do...

I guess I'm just kinda stuck on this because I thought once your decision was made it would automatically reflect, especially if it was presumed accepted? Does anyone know how long it should take to get this into the system? Or for Navy is there any specific person to hound to get the updates done?
Has anyone else had a lag between knowing the outcome of their case and having these things updated?/Has anyone lost their healthcare/benefits during a lag period between when they update their systems?

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