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Hello fellow PEBers. I was medically retired for my knee in 2012 at 30% combat related and 40% VA. Although I am happy with the rating and retirement, the Army seems to have missed the slipped disks in y back... or more accurately, I did not know about them and just thought I had a stiff back with pain from 'being in the Army'. I have since learned that it is a rather serious condition, but the Army gave me a 0% at time of discharge. Is there any way I can go back and have this adjusted as it is pretty bothersome or am I outside of a statute of limitations or something?


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The Army rates you at time of discharge, unlike the VA they do not change ratings unless the original rating was inaccurate or evidence was missing. Are you maxed out for your back on the VA side? I would request an increase there first you should have an answer in 90 days.


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If you have evidence you back was bad at the time of discharge you can filed with BCMR. The percentage would be determined by your back condition at the time of discharge. BCMR is along road and you would need solid evidence.
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