Post Seperation Appeals Timeline - Start to Finish (100%!!!!)


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Hello Everyone! I know I have not been on for a bit but I just received the news today and I wanted to share not only the news, but my experiances POST SEPERATION.

Now I know that this is a PEB forum, however, the lack of information available to the public after the military is still lacking. So here is my attempt to alleviate it:

August 2013 - Separation from Air Force, 90% VA, 40% DOD
August 2013 - Filed DAV NOD (Notice of Disagreement) for Scars, [REDACTED], and Knees
December 2013 - Hired Lawyer to review VA and make sure everything was legit, it was not.
April 2014 - Submitted secondary NOD (Notice of Disagreement) via Lawyer for BACK, RADICULPOTHY;
May 2014 - Indicated DRO (Decision Review Officer) review in lieu of ALJ/Board (I opted to let a single local person handle my case to avoid a lengthy confrontation because my issues where rather blatant and an experienced rater could easily fix it.)
June 2014 - VA Reevaluations for [REDACTED], Scars, and Knees.
July 2014 - Notified by Lawyer (Upon constant checking up) That both appeals have been combined and a good chance that they would return at the same time.
August 8, 2014 - Received email from lawyer, DRO decision has been made and a an SOC (Statement of Case) has been issued. SOC states [REDACTED] to increase from 30% to 70%; Left Knee from 0% to 10%; Right knee from 0% to 10%;
August 13, 2014 - Ratings Decision Letter Generated in VA system
August 14, 2014 - Called VA, SOC confirmed and timelines for disbursement established.
August 14, 2014 - Spoke with lawyer, established backpay would be deposited within 2 weeks at most and 100% pay to start on Sept 1. I am not holding my breath for that though! I will be happy i

When I called the VA today and asked if my ratings increased overall and I was given the obligatory "You have nothing to worry about". I have come to understand that this is the phrase that they use when it is in your favor. They used the exact phrase when I called while I was separating and asked about the ratings because their policy specifically prohibits them from revealing ratings.

I calculated both the increases at 100%, even used the VA tables to confirm it. My
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