Preparing for FPEB for MS


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I'll start with a little info about myself. I was diagnosed with MS in late 2009. Started copaxone Feb. 2010 with no problems since. Called my PCM in Feb. 2012 for an appt. and he noticed my MS file. Needless to say he initiated an MEB because of the diagnosis. I basically had fallen through the cracks for the previous two years and thats why and MEB had not been initiated earlier. PEBLO found me fit and recommend C code and return to duty. AFPC replied saying they need more info and wanted full MEB. So here we are in October 2012 and I have yet to here anything but the consensus seems to be that IPEB has probably found me unfit so I'm preparing for the FPEB even though I haven't been notified. Almost nine years active duty, TSgt, and I want to continue serving. Very frustrating knowing and having made contact with members who have MS and have been returned to duty. Great commanders letter, supervisor letters and support. I'm not understand what the issue is. Any help or comments would greatly be appreciated!
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