Profile 10 months still no diagnosis - chapter 5-17


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I am writing on behalf of my son. We are seeking guidance from all sources possible.

He went through a 10 day selection for psyops and made it through the course but was not selected. During the course he was injured and pushed through the physical pain to finish the course. He sought medical treatment immediately.

One X-ray was done to rule out any fractures. He was placed in profile but no diagnosis was ever given. He continued to seek treatment since June 2018 and went to physical therapy although still no diagnosis was given. Finally after many many appts he was referred to an orthopedic in January 2019 and they ordered a MRI of his left ankle even thought he has bilateral pain in his ankles, knees, and hips.

In February 2019, The PA indicated the radiologist report showed lesions in his bone marrow but then the orthopedic said they “over read” the MRI. Orthopedic said to go to primary and get a referral to a rheumatologist - even though they haven’t done any imaging of his other joints.

In February 2019, The PA did blood work to look for inflammation - keep in mind he’s been on a lot of nsaids. Bloodwork was to be normal. Although autoimmune disorders don’t always show in bloodwork.

He continues to try to find out what is wrong with him because he wants to return to duty without a profile and absent of pain. The PA put him on cymbalta for chronic pain in early March 2019 and started discussing the option of separating through chapter 5-17.

How can they take this route when they delayed sending him to a specialist and won’t send him to a rheumatologist for further evaluation? He was injured due to training and now they want to try to separate him without some of his benefits.

Any advice or help would be appreciated. Thank you.


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Possibly could be Fibro but that is a highly suspect condition within the medical community the evidence needs to prove a medical condition so an appropriate diagnosis and possible prognosis can be executed. If he is still in pain and the doctors cannot find anything wrong a 5-17 chapter is a tool a commander can use to make room under their command for a Soldier that can carry out the mission....remember the mission comes first.
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