Promotion upon Medical Retirement


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I have a question. I just signed my 199 yesterday and today I just happened to check my ERB and seen that I am "ALI" for SSG. My question is, will I be retired as a SSG? I am 40% Army TDRL 70% VA.
If you are retired at the higher grade than it will be a change in title only as it won't change your high-3 and your VA pay is higher than the retirement pay. If its something you want to pursue I would bring it up to the PEBLO, hopefully they can make a change before the orders are cut.
Im not worried about the pay honestly. SSG looks better on a resume than SGT
The rules allow you to retire at the rank you would have been eligible for had you not been injured/became ill; however, as was pointed out above it doesn't change your pay because of high 3. Thank your for your service.
So just as a followup. If you are promotable when TDRL/PDRL you will be promoted to the next rank. You will need a copy of your ERB and the C10 roster with your SSN on it. The last day you are in the Army (including Transition LV and PTDY) will be your DOR.