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Psoriasis Only/prescribed Humira, hoping for RTD ASAP!


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Is it possible to be RTD with a prescription for Humira? 9 years AD AF.

I was diagnosed with plaque Psoriasis in 2017, tried topicals & UVA, to no avail and flew under the radar until it got really bad and was recently (again) referred to the dermatologist. Dermatologist annotated my psoriasis covers 20% of my body (personally I think it’s more) and prescribed Humira. I’ve only been on the medication 3 weeks but it seems to be working, which is great!!

I’m an Air Force air traffic controller, so I’ll require a waiver if RTD, and had to report the medication to my flight doc. The flight doc immediately initiated an IRILO despite my pleading for some observation time. Once/if the psoriasis had cleared I had hopes to get off the medication and buy some time to be world-wide qualified again and avoid a MEB as long as possible.

I have no other medical conditions, no PSA, and can do my job (currently a staff officer/not actively controlling) with or without medication. CC letter recommends retain. My PCM/flight doc all but assured me that this will come back as RTD, C-1- but after reading some posts on here I’m worried it’ll go to a full MEB. And with the high retention rate right now, I’m very worried that I could be booted.

Hoping for some positive comments, but I’ll keep my timeline up to date for others in the same circumstance as me as I’ve found some of these posts very helpful. In my case, this escalated very quickly!

13 Apr 21 - 1st Humira shots
16 Apr 21 - I notified flight doc of medication/ flight doc notified me of IRILO
23 Apr 21 - “Expedited” RILO (NARSUM only) sent to AFPC
29 Apr 21 - AFPC requested full IRILO package, to include CC statement and SPG recommendation.


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I think it is possible, given your current job. But the process is not one and done. If you are RTD with C1, you could go through the process again. When a non retainable conditions is waived, an annual RILO requirement normally attaches.