Psoriasis / Psoriatic Arthritis / Humira MEB; RAF Lakenheath


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The VARR approved my appeal and my Psoriasis w/Humira use was bumped from 30% to 60%,
What was the basis for giving 30% What evidence did you provide to get it up to 60%?

I suspect they may try and lowball me on this, since I have only been using Humira for 9 months at this point. Can you give any pointers to help so that doesn't happen?

Although the way things are going it may actually be another 3 months until I get my C&Ps...


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Question for you, so I am also on humira. I have been on in for 6 months. I recently got a letter from my derm stating that I will most likely continue medication for life. I havent completed all of my C/P appointments as of yet but I wanted know if the va is going to try and low ball me and not give me the max rating for humira even though I am going to continue to take it. Is that what happened with you?


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This is a snippet from what the C&P examiner put in my exam notes that garnered the original 30% rating.

I think the best bet to get the 60% off the bat would be to show the examiner medical notes from the doctor stating you will be on the medication constantly for the rest of your life. I did have these notes and showed them to my examiner and didn't help me though. Even then, I would just expect them to give the 30% until you are at the 12 month mark anyways. At 9 or 6 months and still awaiting C&P exams, i would be pretty confident you could drag out the process until your 12 month marks and then do a VARR like I did. Worst case scenario, you medically retire and then get the VA rating bumped up after you separate. For me this, this alleviated some concerns, but with my high-3 pay the 60% DOD is going to be less then my VA compensation anyways.
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