PTSD Increase Claim Question


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First of all, I received my initial and current service connected PTSD rating (50%) about 2yrs ago thanks in a big part to this forum....THANKS!

I am getting ready to submit a claim for an increase as I believe I check all the blocks for a 70% rating.

My big question is should I write a statement to support my claim where I explain how my symptoms impact the categories they're looking for (social impairment, obsessive rituals, panic/depression, impulse control, hygiene ETC)? And if so, since it's for an increase do I need to write about my "stressors in service" again as they were covered for my initial rating or can I just cover the current symptoms?

My logic is yes, a lot of that is documented in my psychologist medical records but of course not the full picture because they only ever chart so much and I want to make sure I don't miss portraying anything to the C&P examiner.

The other evidence I'm submitting are two resignation letters from jobs where I stated my reason for resignation was "ongoing medical conditions arising from my military service"

Thanks a lot for the support, I appreciate y'all.


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Your putting your best foot forward as for increases for claims that havnt been SC for at least five years the exam really needs to go well otherwise you run a higher risk of a continued or proposed reduction rating if the examiner opines any improvement at all. Doesn't seem like that's the case here but statements IMO are never really looked at they tend to just go with the examiners opinion there is no need for stressor statements this time.
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