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Hey Everyone, So I applied but maybe you guys have insight or can help. My job during one of my tour was in convoy escorting and providing security. I was involved in a handful of IED's and ambushes, there was one time that an IED in 04 OIF tour that got me, three ISF were wounded and were priorities, me and two other guys in a vehicle were dazed like I was but not "physically" hurt so I didn't complain, one of our guys ended up with a purple heart from what I remember later but not sure how he got it, or the circumstances behind it, again I wasn't all there after it happened. I know another guy in a vehicle behind mine was also awarded one for Tbi from that exact same IED, I was in turret and slammed head backwards from force and surprise, I felt a lot of things I don't like thinking about. I saw the guys that were hit, lots of ugly things happened in that short while, I didn't say anything because I know those guys needed big time medical attention and was too concerned about doing my part and completing the mission to be seen by our doc. I know big mistake on my part. I was MEB'd and subsequently retired after a few years of dealing with issues relating from that tour in 2015 finally. I had a buddy who told me about putting in for PH even though it's been years, I never really liked the thought of getting an award for not being seriously injured but friends and other vets have convinced me to at least submit for it. I submitted paperwork and just got a response. I have no clue how to obtain these things as I'm retired and have been for over two years now.

*This is not a disapproval, rather a request for submission of missing information.
*In order to determine your eligibility for the Purple Heart, this office requires medical documentation describing both diagnosis and treatment of injuries caused by the enemy immediately after, or close to the incident date and signed or endorsed by a medical professional in accordance with Army Regulation (Military Awards) 600-8-22, Paragraphs 2-8j (2) and 2-8m. Without this documentation we will not be able to process your request.
*The wound or injury must have required treatment by medical officials and the records of medical treatment must have been made a matter of official army records. (As I stated above, I knew something wasn't right almost right away, I just hoped ignoring it would make it better. So I'm guessing this means I'm SOL?

ERB Form 2-1 - Verify soldier's personal data
SF600 - Chronological record of Medical Care (wasn't seen until I was med boarded)
DD Form 214 - (submitted one must have not been good enough)

Any help would be appreciated, Thanks.
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