PVCs and Bicuspid Valve with Moderate Regurgitation


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About three months ago, I started to feel a heavy kicking inside my chest, especially after running. I went to the ER after a couple of episodes, which generally lasted about 45 minutes. I am stationed in the United Kingdom and was referred to an off-base hospital. The British medical system is painfully slow. It took about a week and a half to just get my first appointment scheduled. It was determined that my first abnormalities were PVCs, which slowly got less and less apparent; however, I my heart began to feel shaky, and I started feeling weaker while at the gym; additionally, I felt my heart beat quickly and out of sync, with a sensation of my energy being drained, every morning when I wake up. My heart currently feels like it beats out of sync for a couple of seconds, normally every couple of hours.

As of my most recent letter from the hospital stated that I have a “bicuspid valve with at least moderate regurgitation,” My follow up appointment is in another three weeks. Currently, I am not on any type of medication/treatment and am at the mercy of the NHS timeline. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this or know of how often this condition leads to an MEB.



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Treatment should precede a MEB. Perhaps it is time to request a medical TDY to facility that will make a full cardiac workup a priority. Sometimes regurgitation happens without being symptomatic. But you are reporting symptoms.
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