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QTC and your exams


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So I talked to my MSC on the 13th. He said QTC should reach out in a month for exams to be scheduled and if they don't email or call him and he will get a hold of them.....

Instead I kept an eye out on Ebenefits

when you Log in

disabilities- pending claims- click on your claim- click tab “needed from you”

and saw "request processing 1- exam requested" on 5/18/2021.

I called today 5/19/2021 and asked if we can scheduled my exams and they said yes. I just wanted to put this information out there if anyone is "waiting" on QTC to reach out, I'm sure this knocks out a bit of time in some peoples processing/timelines.

I figure if you can shave a month just waiting on scheduling why not right?

Hope it helps.


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Nice tip for those in a hurry to get through the process.