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QTC Re-evaluation results


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Here is what the Army regulation AR 635–40 says on page 29 relating to TDRL re-evaluation:
(2) Review of medical documentation prior to re-evaluation.
(a) No later than 16 months after temporarily retiring a Soldier for disability or after the Soldier’s previous re-evaluation, USAPDA will obtain and review available DOD medical treatment documentation, VA or Veteran-provided medical treatment or disability examination that occurred within 16 months of being placed on the TDRL, and rating documentation. If the documents reviewed are deemed sufficient and consistent with the requirements of 10 USC Chapter 61, USAPDA may rely on that documentation to determine whether there has been a change in disability(ies) for which the Soldier was temporarily retired without the requirement for additional physical examination.

So the Army may just get all your documentation and decided a rating based on your medical records without conducting an exam BUT since you say you lost your job and are not in school, I would definitely let USAPDA know that when your TDRL reevaluation comes around. Explain why you lost your job, was it due to your disability? Did you get angry at work and just have to leave sometimes? Did not have good relationships with your co-workers? Did you have additional medical issues that were caused or aggravated by work (stomach ulcer, headaches, etc). That's the kind of information that you need to let the Army know because the TDRL exam is looking at how impaired you are from doing your job as a Soldier, not like the VA exam that examines how you are just adjusting to civilian life.

t's a fine needle to thread, I was increased by the Army but initially reduced by the VA for the same condition. It took me six months to get the VA to increase my percentage to match my Army one, but it took me badgering the VA nonstop pointing out their errors on C&P exams and numerous other methods of attacking the contract C&P examiners DBQ. I even contacted the contract C&P examiner directly through their civilian e-mail address from their medical practices website and emailed them some documents that I suspected the VA was going to "accidently" leave out of the file they sent to them. And my suspicion was correct, they said those documents were not in the file they got...

What I did is a dangerous game with the VA and I don't recommend anyone doing it on their own if they do not understand the risk involved. I have nothing to lose by having a lower VA rating bc of my maxed out DOD percentage.
I wanted to follow up on this response. Would it be ok to message you?