Question about PEB/MEB

Good day all, I am currently serving on active duty and am set to transition out in September of this year. I have had 5 back surgeries just at this location alone. My L-5 S-1 Is shot, had a TED (nurses said worst herniation they had ever seen in a patient), Injections, Ablation, and finally a Spinal Cord Stimulator implanted. The implant helps but I still have a ton of pain, It is difficult to do the most basic tasks that I used to. Physical fitness is more difficult than it's ever been and I am definitely losing the battle with it. My MRI has shown that there is no disc left (bone on bone) and my L-6 is completely fused (natural). I used to be a Field Artillery crew member and 100lb rounds in tight spaces wore out my back. I have lost hearing and have tinnus in both ears, The usual mental health issues (anxiety and depression history). I currently do a desk job but my medical team has previously refused to do a MEB on me, even though I know people that have had far less (at this assignment) that have had MEB initiated for their back conditions. This condition is bad and I am truly scarred for life, my quality of life is maintainable but I will never be what I used to. Either way I am out, My back cant take this anymore.
I recently spoke with the with another Veteran and he was fired up, he suggested that I pursue this harder and fight to get the MEB. He pointed out that it would be immensely more difficult to reconcile if I separate and try to do this later.
Basically what I am asking is, does anyone know how to best go about this without sounding like a whiner. I'm not looking for a handout but I have 20 years in Active, Guard, Reserves combined and essentially I will simply ETS with nothing to show for it but a broken body and possibly some VA rating. I agree I have been given a raw deal and I want to fight but I know these folks at my medical don't want to play ball for whatever reason. Any suggestion on how to approach this and get results would be appreciated. I have noticed that my medical records dont' properly reflect the surgeries I have had. That is the first step, I have been gathering the documents to prove my case and have my record updated (even though they claimed they put them in).


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Have you filed a VA claim? Having a VA determination of disability in unfitting conditions would provide you some evidence to fight for a MEB.
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