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Question about thoughts regarding my rating for hip fracture and surgery.


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A year ago I fractured my hip during an FTX and the following day had surgery. I am now in the MEB process and wondering if you all think I’ll be able to get 30% DOD for this? I have severe loss in ROM that is well documented and use crutches. I also have nerve damage from the surgery that is documented and diagnosed. If I won’t get 30% from this alone, how can I add a referred condition? I have been diagnosed with major depression and anxiety and am on medication for these things.


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It would be hard to estimate a rating based on the information you have given. But it sounds like you should be greater than or equal to 30%. Do not be macho during the exam, be honest about your limitations. Have you met with the MSC?


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You need to look in the VASRD and find what you're being rated for. You could then look up the DBQ form for the hip and see how they will test it.