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This is more for moderators, but anyone who has a clear understanding, please chime in. I am a graduate of the IDES process. Now I am a civilian, but working for the Army in an MTF. Our psych providers will frequently see SM's and make the determination that they are not able to meet retention standards. We refer to the MEB physician, who has an IDES psychologist test every patient, including malingering measures, and the determination is frequently that they are not accepted into the MEB. The SM is told there is no appeal process for not being accepted into the MEB, and we have one physician making these decisions. My providers and SM's are stuck because they dont refer unless they really believe they dont meet retention standards.

My question is, is the above the actual process that should be occurring? That is not how I read the process. If a FFD has been done, why does an IDES psychologist have to determine if they meet retention standards? And is there really no appeal to not being accepted into the MEB? This just feels wrong to me.

I appreciate any input. Just trying to push for the right thing.
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