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Question with VA Claims


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Hey there. Got a question with the VA claims process in these COVID-19 times.

I live with my better half in Canada. I separated from service in 2017 and the VA reached out through VES to begin the process of examining 2 claims in late December. I submitted my evidence for both claims (migraine with aura/PTSD) through VES and eBenefits. Information was also contained in VA file.

Medical exam for PTSD was conducted 04JAN. However, no exam was conducted for the migraine with aura.

I received a notification yesterday through VA that a decision letter was mailed 26JAN and would receive a decision 7-10 days.

1. Is it necessary for the VA to conduct a C&P exam for my migraine with aura? Canada is under lockdown until 19FEB. I provided a lot of evidence to support my case, but the fact VA didn't conduct an examination has thrown me off. I just wanted to know if this is common.

2. I provided evidence to support my PTSD claim. It hasn't changed; in fact, it's gotten worse with the perspective of my better half. I have evidence that I attempted treatment to gain ways to support my marriage. As my own advocate, even the doctor was adamant about how much hasn't changed. From what you've seen from ROs, is there anything else that I could have done to help support my case with this claim? (Before anyone asks, I didn't have a VSO, lawyer, etc. My better half and I did everything myself.)

3. As a decision letter has been mailed, when will eBenefits update? I checked today and my rating still indicates the same percentage. Additionally, the same claims and dates from 5 years ago are listed.

I know this is long, but I just want some answers for what it feels like to be basic questions. I tried calling the VA, but the VA wouldn't give me any answers and I felt like I was being stonewalled.



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Some claims can be adjudicated based on medical records.