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Hey Y’all
I started my process in October of 2018, at this time I have completed all my exams (Navy and VA). I was in a car accident and have 5 herniated disc in my back and neck along with other issues I was sent up for . My MEB lawyer just received my NMA and my command is saying if I was found unfit the wouldn’t mind keeping me on permanent limited duty,until my EAOS which is Feb of 2021. Now there was a new instruction that just came out stating that any sailor in a “non deplorable status or in a limited duty status for 12 consecutive months will be administratively separated. Has anyone had any similar circumstances happen to them? Where the questionnaire completely contradicts the CO”s comments? If so what was the out come? The comments state that I can’t do my job that I’m in or my rate. Thanks


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Informal and Formal PEBs don't have to follow command's input and they do so with some regularity. The USN tends to hand out less medical retirements than the other services.
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