Questions regarding Meniere's Disease


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Hi. hoping for some answers. USAF veteran separated 07/1984.

While on active duty I was a Security Specialist and stood guard in close proximity to F-15's and F-104's.

I have recently requested my medical records from DOD, but have not received them yet. I cannot remember if I was ever treated while on active duty for Symptoms of Meniere's disease.

In approximately 1995 I began experiencing symptoms related to Meniere's (frequent attacks of debilitating vertigo, tinnitus in the right ear so loud it is driving me crazy, unsteady gate, significant hearing loss in my right ear, visual issues.) I began seeking treatment in earnest between 8 and 10 years ago with civilian doctors, however, going back to 1/98, my civilian medical records make reference to the disease. My hearing loss has been getting worse and worse. on 12/13 I am having surgery at SF VA Med center. They will be destroying what little hearing is left in an attempt to curtail the vertigo.

I applied for a disability rating on 9/27 of this year and am awaiting a determination. What led me to seek the benefits is that I had an audiogram with VA showing my severe hearing loss. The tech doing the exam told me about it (never thought to consider that it might be related to my service.) I i I have a couple of questions.

1. Could being in such close proximity to the aircraft have caused the Meniere's even if it didn't manifest until many years after separation.

2. How likely is it that DOD will rate me.

3. if they don't rate me, what options do I have.

Anyone reading this please feel free to comment on anything I may not have thought of also.

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