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r.e. Sec. 511 Retention of Dual Status Technicians


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I'm an NG dual status technician in PEB, signed waiver, and waiting on separation orders for combat-related injuries during deployment. I'm under 20 years. Have LOD, found unfit by MEB. I've read the Sec 511 excerpt, but it doesn't specify what happens if they don't retain under Title 5? Who makes the medical determination for the state to retain a person for non-dual status Title 5 tech slot, or is that directly by permanent profile/job description? Are we privy to any of the HRO/TAG protocols on tech loss of military status/title 5 retainability? If you not retained as a tech, are you really fully retired under OPM? If not retained, do you fall under federal displacement status? Anyone had similar situation? Anyone have more pertenant reg excerpts? Thank much!