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Ramstein Experience IDES 2021


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Figured I would add my story since I used this forum to help me to know what needed to be done and what should be done when I found out I would go through a medical fit for duty review. (E-8/20 TIS, Stationed at Tactical Assignments of AFSC for 15 years of service)

At 17 years TIS started going to MH for a variety of reasons. At 17.5 years TIS went through a 3 week inpatient functional rehabilitation program for back issues and a bunch of other stuff. At 18 years TIS went through 6 week inpatient program for MH. Weekly MH apts at LMRC with monthly follow ups at RAB until now and continuing. A bit before 19.5 TIS submitted for retirement could not apply earlier due to DEROS. Retirement date approved 1 Dec 2021 with Terminal 13 July 2021. Had the same PCM up until this for the three years of this journey (very supportive and actually cared about care) and the same doc at MH (very supportive and kept me as a patient at my request). Was honest with them about my issues and they worked with me for meds and other things. Found out going for some knee injections that my PCM changed and instantly started asking how I was still in service and about all the MH stuff. Convo seemed off from the beginning and that led to Feb 2021 PCM notified me he was submitting paperwork for fit for duty review. At this point I already had an approved retirement date and figured I would be presumed fit for duty and continue as is until terminal but wait there is more.

AFFORM 469 – Feb 24 2021 – IRILO MEB

1st Peblo Contact – Mar 1 2021 – Notification/MEB Questionnaire

CC Notified/AFFORM 1185 – Suspense 8 Mar 2021

AFFORM 1185 – Mar 3 2021 (5:06PM) - 1stSgt sent me the form to fill out.

AFFORM 1185 – Mar 3 2021 (7:30PM) – Sent form back to CC with all required information. Happened to check email at home this night.

SUSPENSE OF MAR 8 2021 NOT MEET (Figured as my CC can never sign stuff on a deadline)

Contacted Peblo – Mar 10 2021 (1:36 PM) – Notified her that my CC had not signed the information and I followed up and was told he is aware of it in his inbox but not the suspense date. Basically did nothing with it. Informed her that she will need to pimp it if she ever wants the form back.

2nd Peblo Contact – Mar 10 2021 (3:20 PM) – Was told she contacted my CC to inquire of paperwork.

AFFORM 1185 (CC Signed) – Mar 17 2021 (4:44PM) – received CC signed 1185. I signed and sent back that night to Peblo.

3rd Peblo Contact – Mar 18 2021 – Acknowledged receipt of 1185 and routed to SGB for Determination with final destination to AFPC for their determination

4th Peblo Contact – Mar 24 2021 – Notified me I was found not Fit for Duty. AFPC gave me two options

1. Keep retirement date but can’t start VA disability (BDD program) until after separation, and care could not be elevated if worsens.

2. Terminate my retirement date and go through a full MEB

I chose option 2. Peblo sent me a MED HOLD MEMO I needed to fill out terminating my retirement date. Figured if I was found not fit for duty have them take care of the VA stuff while still getting a paycheck and to get a decision before leaving service.

MED HOLD MEMO Returned – Mar 25 2021 – Had to sleep on my decision to make sure what I wanted to do.

5th Peblo Contact – Apr 13 2021 –I called earlier in the day asking if I needed to do anything since had heard nothing for two weeks. Later that day I got an email that notified I was placed on VA Tracker and sent me all my medical records.

1st MSC Contact – Apr 14 2021 – Received meeting date (Apr 20 2021) for initial IDES Paperwork and overview of program. Compensation claim put in to as claim received.

2nd MSC Contact (VA Form 21-526EZ) – Apr 20 2021 – Filled out disability paperwork and reviewed medical records together for disability claim. I did not sign paperwork and kept to double check disability claims and medical records.

21-526EZ – Apr 21 2021 – Sent paperwork back to MSC signed and uploaded myself to claim moved to initial Review.

1st VR&E Contact – Apr 22 2021 – set apt for Apr 29 2021 to discuss the VA VR&E program as MEBing out of the military and not being fit for duty you automatically are accepted to the program.

2nd VR&E Contact – Apr 29 2021 – Briefed on program and now I need to figure out if I want to start program before I actually separate.

3rd MSC Contact (VA Form 21-0781) –Apr 30 2021 – Received email to ASAP fill out paper work and send back. claim moved to evidence gathering

VA Form 21-0781 – May 2 2021 – Sent paperwork back and uploaded to

Waiting on VA appointments and for me to make decision on VR&E program


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Interesting story, especially given the presumption of fitness. Thanks for sharing.


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12 May 2021 Update.

1st VES Contact – 5 May 2021 – Updated contact information for C&P Appointments (4 exams)

Two Appts made (Psych/Audio)

9 May 2021 – Emailed VES about other two appointments being scheduled.

1st C&P Exam 10 May 2021 – In person Audio

(Tone/Pressure Test w/tech & Exposure w/Dr…35min appt)

2nd C&P Exam 11 May 2021 – Virtual Psych

(Virtual w/Italy Provider…1hr exactly basically answered questions from the DBQ with examples)

2nd VES Contact - 10 May 2021 – Provided dates of last two appts.

3rd C&P Exam 31 May 2021 – General Med

4th C&P Exam 2 June 2021 - Eyes