Rater added claims to my case


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Hello all. I am new to this but I have gotten LOTS of good information from this site. Hoping someone can help me understand this situation. BACKGROUND: I had a C&P May 1, 2018 for Flat feet and Tarsal tunnel. The examiner was surprised to see that I had already had the surgeries bilaterally. I felt that she was VERY helpful. I noticed last week that my status changed from "Gathering Info" to Pending Decision. The completion date changed from July 27 to June 6. Yesterday it changed again to Pending notification and the completion date changed to May 20th (it's May 19th) But HERE's whats baffling me. Looking at my claims, I noticed that Residual Scars SP was added. My thoughts are that they added that as a secondary with the primary being foot disorders AND why would they add a secondary IF they weren't going to approve it along with the Primary? I never went to sick call for my feet but I had always been flat footed. DID MY C&P EXAMINER create a Nexus?
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