Re-post:Type I Diabetic, USNA, E-6,13yrs found UNFIT by IPEB. Plan to appeal and be found FIT by FPEB! Any experiences with FPEB lately?


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I haven't received DOD/VA ratings, but my PEBLO can see I've been found UNFIT and my case has been forwarded to VA for ratings. Everything submitted for IPEB was positive and all endorsements recommended I be found FIT. Well, things didn't go my way at IPEB and once ratings come back I will appeal the UNFIT finding and try to be found FIT. Has anyone out there as of late been to DC for FPEB or know anyone and who has and what were the outcomes. I know each case is different, but wanted to see how things are going since the new DOD Force Deployment Directive. What can I due to be proactive with the time I have. Should I be asking for letters of recommendations from previous Chain of Commands or have someone come with me to FPEB to speak on my behalf? Maybe there's things I'm not thinking about at this time? Any advice or mentorship would be whole heartily appreciated.

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Are you a midshipman/ at the Naval Academy now?

If so, I don't mean rain on your parade, but a fit finding is a stretch. You would have to buck the odds and even so, show near total control of your blood sugars/AIC, be a stellar performer, have total support to the highest levels (including Flag Officers) and still, it would be a long shot. I just don't see fit findings in these cases. It has been about 6 months since last case with a cadet (at USMA) with diabetes and despite letters of support to the three star level, high physical fitness, high scores academically (including being bilingual in Japanese and top 3% academically) and high leadership scores, was still found unfit.

As time goes on and technology (including "artificial pancreas") being developed, maybe things will change.

As referenced above, if you want to make the argument, it would turn on medical recommendations, near complete control of AIC, stellar performance, and very strong support from chain.

Best of luck!


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Thanks for the response. Not a midshipmen at the Academy. My basic info was in title of post. USN Active Duty, E-6, and 13yrs of service.

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Just got off Active Duty as a Formal PEB attorney at the Navy Yard in DC. Obviously, the new Force Deployment Directive is a super big deal, and we're definitely seeing fewer FIT findings as a result. Ironically, the Navy has the highest FIT finding percentage out of any branch of service (by a wide margin), and your odds of being found FIT a few months ago would have been really good. They're much worse now that we're in Deploy or Get Out mode.

The key for you is going to be deployability. If you're in a seagoing rate, you've got an uphill battle. If you're a SeaBee or another expeditionary rate, even worse. But if you're a YN or something, then you've got a decent chance.

The Board members at the Yard are nuts about FIT findings, by nature. The current crop of Board members are largely combat-seasoned Marine Corps officers who want people to brush it off and get back in the fight. They get super motivated when someone wants to stay in. The most important things for you are going to be developing your medical and non-medical evidence to show that you can deploy if necessary, with little impact on the mission.

Shoot me a message if you want to talk more specifics. Have you been working with an IPEB attorney? If so, who?

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