Reactive Airways Dysfunction Syndrom (RADS)


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Hello everyone - new join here.

I was diagnosed with RADS following an Oxygen failure in a fighter jet. I've since been grounded from flying and it doesn't look promising that I'll ever return (be found unfit to fly fighter aircraft again). I've taken multiple Pulmonary Functions Test and my FEV1 and FEV1/FVC percentage numbers are in the 80% range. However, my FEV 25-75% number is typically between 50-60% rating. I'm on daily inhaled Corticosteroids and have been on and off prednisone burst 4 times over the past 9 months following the mishap.

I've seen 3 different Pulmonologist 1x military and 2x civilian and I've been told the FEV1 number is a reflection of large airways and is not applicable in my case (since I'm not an asthmatic, have emphysema or COPD) and is not used to explain the numerous asthmatic like symptoms I have. However the FEV 25-75% number (which is poor in my case) indicates moderate to severe small airways damage/disease following my mishap. I'm scheduled for an Oscillometry test next week to further assess small airways damage.

So... I can't find any disability or medical ratings associated with my condition and the FEV 25-75% numbers... everything I've read is associated with the FEV1 numbers. Mine are fine and that is not my issue. Looking for info on what I can expect disability ratings wise. Looks like I might be going the medical retirement route and trying to get my head around all this.

I've attached my most recent PFT results for reference.

Thanks in advance for any help and recommendations!



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Take a look here: eCFR — Code of Federal Regulations

Although you're not diagnosed with Asthma (6602), the treatments you're receiving fall in line with the 60% rating. This is just pure speculation though. I'm not a claims guy. Others may have a better read on what your percentage could be.
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