Recent PDA Timeline


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Post recent PDA timelines here (Army Only).

Please don't post a question here about how long etc...... Just want to get some empirical evidence of recent PDA timelines.

Signed DA199 : 31 Mar 17
Orders Received: TBD


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signed (new) 199 (after VARR back): 30Mar17
orders received: nada

I'm at JBSA. I was told the PDA is 2ish months behind. This is insane.


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My PEB is JBLM. I spoke with the PDA today and they still don't have anything in the system. They told me the hang up is between the PEBLO and PEB. If that helps anyone.


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Hello, everyone. I am new to the forum but this is my timeline at For Sam Houston:

Referral 10/20/2016
VA Claims 10/25/2016
Medical Exam 01/17/2017
Medical Evaluation Board 02/23/2017
Informal PEB 03/08/2017
VA Rating 04/11/2017
PEB Findings 04/17/2017
PEBLO Counsel & Soldier Election 04/20/2017
PEB Appeal or VA Reconsideration I did not appeal so I am waiting to move to next step.
PDA Action & SecArmy Approval

I am currently just waiting for my orders! I pray this moves quickly so I can start my new chapter.
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