Record Keeping Question - Permanent vs. Temporary Documents


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I am a retired reservist with the US Army. I have 24 years of service. I was medically retired following my deployment to Iraq. My MEB/PEB is complete, my VA case still has some appeals in progress, and my CRSC rating is in. I am not yet receiving concurrent receipt but, I expect to qualify for that at age 60, I'm currently 49. I also expect that some day I will receive individual unemployability with the VA (AKA 100% total). Now I'm sitting around with a mountain of paperwork, medical records that are stacked 3 bins high in my home office and I want to purge what I can. Can you offer insight as to what I should keep indefinitely and what I can shred? Please tell me I can get rid of some of this paperwork.

My ratings are as follows
Army 60%
Veterans Administration 100%
CRSC 90%


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Purchase a scanner. Scan all the documents. Keep everything. Also keep an electronic backup on a service like Google drive.


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I would keep a copy, in this day and age I agree with OFP to scan it and save it on the cloud. I got my VA rating in 2013 and recently was MEB and had to do another C&P exam. When I got my results the VA was recommending a severance of one of ratings since the clown at the VA claimed there was no service connection. Fortunately I'm a pack rat and had the documentation to overcome the issue. You never know what idiot will look at your claim and that one piece of paper may save you. I was Tricare Prime Remote so I held onto all my records fortunately.


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I would strongly advise against shredding anything either copy and upload it all to a cloud or find a way to store it more efficiently. God forbid the VA ever came after you on a CUE and you would have no one to blame but yourself for missing documents.
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