Reenlist ment during a MEB


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Can I reenlist during a MEB. I want to show my intent to go indef. I have 13 active and some National guard time. My ETS is Aug 2011.


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No you can not. Once you start the process of a MEB your erup code changes from 10 to a 9H. You would have to wait until after the outcome to see if you will be found fit for duty.


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I found out today the P3 has not gone through as of no med board yet. i plan to aproach 1SG about it.


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I am not sure if this is the proper place for this question, what i am trying to find out is i am on TDRL, i just got back from FT Lewis, and i was found fit for duty by the doctors. I was on TDRL since Sept 07. I am anxious to get the ball rolling to get back in. As far as i can tell, all i needed to do was go to a recruiter, have them send me to MEPS, then get a new contract to go back to my old MOS. I have talked to 3 recruiters here in Las Vegas, and all of them are trying to put me in as prior service, in fact the first one told me i cant come back in because the army isnt taking in prior right now. Then the other one told me because of my R3, i tried to tell him that my fit for duty letter over rides the R3 but he had no clue what i was talking about, in fact not one recruiter in this town has put in a TDRL person. What i am looking for is has any one gone through this process with a local recruiter? if so can you direct me to this person, i dont care what town, so any help would be appreciated, i only have 90 days to finish this process. Thank You.
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