Request for person with AKO access


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Hello. I am trying to get a copy of a ALARCT message that pertains to clarification of a regulation which I would like to use as evidence for my board review case of disability.

I am unable to pull this message up because I do not have AKO access.

ALARACT 034/2013: ALARACT Clarification of AR 40-501/AR 190-56 Requirements for Speech Recognition in Noise Test (SPRINT) Administration (AKO only)

ALARACT 375/2010: Referral of Soldiers with H-3 Profiled Hearing Loss to a Medical Evaluation Board (MEB) or an MOS/Medical Retention Board (MMRB) (AKO only)

If possible, can someone with access to AKO please pull these up?

Thank you.

I'm not sure if this is against any kind of policy on this site, but i'm hoping not. I don't understand why these clarifications are restricted to AKO access only.
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