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....since the VA doctor conducting my C&P blatantly ignored the information in my surgeon's records about my injuries.

A timeline:

Completed a fitness competition at work, never fully recovered, and eventually diagnosed with "FAI" and bilateral detached labrums on both hips. Surgeries were:

Fall 2014: Left Hip Repair (labrum, bone shaving, standard FAI approach)
Fall 2015: Right Hip Repair (same as above)

Coming out of my surgeries, my surgeon informed me that my labrum was hypertrophied on both sides, and I had some root instabilities he was worried about. He gave me a 50% chance of success; both surgeries failed, and my hips began degenerating even more quickly. I got referred to a civilian specialist who later diagnosed me with bilateral retroversion in my hips, which degenerated much more quickly than normal due to the failed surgical interventions and the amount of running/high impact activity I used to do before I became injured. So, I underwent:

December 2016: Right Hip Reverse Periacetabular Osteotomy to break my pelvis and rebuilt the hip socket. Found out I had hardly any cartilage left, fractures in my socket, bone chips broken off, bone spurs, ossification of soft tissue, and labral cysts/detachments. All was addressed, but degeneration could not be reversed. Surgeon said I was far worse than he imagined for my age, and suggested I had about two years remaining before the hip would have been a total loss. Told me to schedule left hip surgery as soon as I'm ready to slow degeneration on the left hip.

June 2017: MEB started. Cannot pursue left hip surgery.

February 2018: Found unfit.

March 2018: VA Proposed Combined Ratings: 50%; DoD 20% Separation with Severance. I visit my PEBLO with my husband, and find that the VA doctor wrote I had painful (but full) range of motion, no objective evidence of arthritis, and no functional loss (all wrong just by looking at my surgeon's records, which I provided). The doc had done no measurements, forced my leg past my comfort, and generally made me feel like a shit bag. I felt humiliated, but I didn't think her negligence would come back to haunt me given the extensive evidence in my records of my problems.

April 2018: Formal Board scheduled for 16 MAY. I am seeing my surgeon on 01 MAY in an attempt to get a document summarizing the level of damage, hard numbered ROM measurements, future prognosis (bilateral hip replacements....left hip may now be total loss, won't know until he dislocates it to examine; right one in the next decade or so), functional loss (can hardly walk, sleep disturbed due to pain, trouble sitting, can't stand for longer than 10 minutes, etc.), and level of arthritis (right hip is documented as "3" on a scale of "4" according to records).

I know the letter will help, but my husband is now so wary of the VA/DoD that he wants me to get a private attorney, pay my surgeon to testify, and serve as a direct witness to my declining quality of life. I am disheartened, because as it currently stands, I know my left hip is degenerating fast, and I doubt it will be savable by the time I'm finally done with the MEB.

I apologize for the long post. I just don't know how someone could so flagrantly pretend like my hips are functionally fine when I'm limping everywhere I go, and struggle to basic activities like grocery shop with the amount of pain. I'm trying to advocate for myself, but honestly, I feel so embarrassed every time I try to "convince" someone that my problems are as bad as I say. It feels like groveling to me, which logically I know it's not, but the humiliation feels overwhelming. I'm embarrassed and ashamed that I need pain medication to function, when I used to be winning fitness competitions at work and running half marathons.

Any help and support is appreciated. Thanks for letting me share.
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