Requesting a new PEBLO


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Good morning all,

My medical record has been with my PEBLO since 28NOV16. I have yet to speak with a VA rep or do any of my appointments. She never returns my calls and in the emails she does return gives absolutely no information. I know this is a long process and I am trying to be patient but the timelines I have read are no where near 2 months to set up appointments. If i'm reading the chart right she should have set these appointments up within 10 days.

Has anyone requested a new PEBLO and been successful? If so, who did you call to make this happen. I'm 2 months from my EAOS for HYT and have no indication that I have started. If I knew the process was officially started and I am safe from HYT I would feel a hell of a lot better.

Thank you very much for your time reading and answering.


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Since the MEB process has begun, they can't put you out until it's complete. They have to extend you.
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