Requesting formal board vs. appealing to the VA


PEB Forum Regular Member
I just got the results of my informal board, permanent retirement at 30%. I have other conditions that didn't make it into my MEB that I would like to have included in my rating but not sure if I want to take my chances and lose the 30% (my condition is rated at either 10% and 30% - I thought I was going to be only 10% so I'm happy with the 30%). Should I take the 30% and appeal to the VA after I retire or should I try to have it all calculated before I retire? The way I understand the Formal Board, they'll reevaluate everything, possibly changing the entire findings.

Another factor, this happened while I was on active duty orders. My MEDCON orders were initially approved (with 2 1/2 months back pay) but were cancelled, using my civilian job as justification that I wasn't debilitated. Does this factor into IPEB/retirement at all.

And since this happened while on active duty, do I receive compensation immediately upon retirement or do I still have to wait until 60? I already have my 20 year letter with 5300 points.
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