Reservist Medical Retirement 23 total years only 15.58 "good years"


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1. I have received word PDIR will be 70% PDRL.
2. I have received my VA Ratings and am 100% P&T, currently receiving $3545.67
3. I have 23 years total service, Reservist with 5610 points = 15.58 years
4. 03E current base pay is $7,195
5. Spouse w/ 2 Children (4 & 8)

-I cannot get any answers on what payment I will receive from the Air Force when I am medically retired, if any
-Will I receive any medical retirement payments from the Air Force since I did not do a full 20 "good years" and I am a reservist? I have 15.58 good years
-I do already receive my VA disability monthly payments from the VA. Which I waive when I perform military duty as a reservist. Will the Air Force require me to waive those payments?


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Retired pay base is your average of your highest three years of base pay.

O3E would be expected to be about 7300ish so 70% of that is $5110.00, subtract C&P award and you get the residual after taxes.

You’ll know exactly what you get when they calculated final pay. This is an estimate.

5110-3565=1545 taxes should be 15% or so, estimate $1313 from DoD and you keep your tax free C&P award every month.


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[From info provided in discussion via PM]

Based on the info you provided, the following would apply:

I do not know your active duty equivalent. (5610/360) = 15.58 Active Duty equivalent. This may or may not be correct. Recommend you find out from your sources. Note: high three was stated as 7195.

1. (7195 x 0.70 ) = 5036.50 disability retirement pay
2. VA compensation 100% spouse & 2 children u/ 18 = ($3,352.41 + 84.69) = 3437.10
3. (5036.50 - 3437.10) = 1599.40 residual retired pay
4. (15.58 AD x 0.025) = 38.95 longevity multiplier
5. (7195 x 0.3895) = 2802.95 longevity portion of retired pay
6. (2802.95 - 1599.40 residual ) = 1203.55 maximum amount of CRSC

COMMENTS (based on info you provided).
a. Without CRSC = 1599.40 residual retired pay paid by DFAS
b. With CRSC = 1203.55 (maximum CRSC ) + 1599.40 residual retired pay = 2802.95
c. VA comp, both cases: 3437.10

Your approved rate of CRSC (if applicable) is unknown. Your active duty equivalent should be provided by you.

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