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Reservist needing guidance


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Hello all,

Just registered, but have been researching here for a while now. I've looked at similar cases/posts and couldn't come to a conclusion regarding my particular circumstances.

Anyway, I'm 31 years old, and in the army reserve with 12 good years of service. About 7 of those years are active duty. In 2014, while on active duty, I had a spinal injury.

I recovered, came off active duty, went back into a reserve/drilling status, and was rated 30% for the back injury and other conditions by the VA.

About a year ago, I filed a secondary claim and my VA rating was increased to 80%, mostly for depression/mental conditions subsequent to my physical ailments.

Since that claim, I've now developed a bunch of other conditions ... My back pain has worsened, I have gout attacks in my feet that can be crippling, and last year I had a heart attack. All of this was while in a reserve status, not on active duty (although I have had gout attacks during drill).

A couple months ago, I was placed on active duty orders again. I've tried like hell to get back to my old self, but with the back pain and heart attack, I just feel like I can't do it anymore. While on this active duty tour, I've been diagnosed with sleep apnea and placed on cpap, and have low testosterone.

What are my options here? Can I request to go to warrior transition at the end of my orders (ending September 2018)? Do I go get a profile and then get referred for a med board?

I'd like to get healthy and be able to stay in. However, if I'm not physically able to do so, then I'd like to seek medical retirement to make sure my family would be covered medically. At 31 years old I've already had about $250k in surgeries for my back and the heart attack. Without tricare, that would've financially crippled us.

Thanks for all your time and help.


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I would start with your chain of command and voice your opinion on what you want the outcome to be. Then pay attention to there reaction and support. You have all the help you need on this forum.

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If you are still on active duty orders, my advice is to get LOD's for any and all conditions you've incurred, that have not already been judged to be incurred in the line of duty. You need to speak to your medical case manager and discuss with them the process. I'm in somewhat the same situation right now, thankfully without the heart attack. As I've been told by many folks in these forums, if you start a MEB while on active duty orders longer than 30 days, then they are required to keep you on orders until the end of your MEB/PEB process. If the Army rates your disqualifying conditions at 30% or higher, then you can be medically retired and begin receiving retirement pay and Tricare benefits immediately, instead of waiting until age 60. I would say the important thing is to initiate the board now, and don't wait.