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Evening everyone,
Well just two weeks ago I was informed that my MEB packet was never processed, and due process was not done. I spoke with a gentleman from HRC stating that in DEC 2016 there was some communication about my status, and the HRC command had not received any of such orders saying that I was Medically discharged, or separated from the military. The one question that the HRC rep. inquired about was there any type of military retirement pay going to my account. I stated "NO". That I was only receiving VA compensation. The HRC rep. then asked me to return to my previous unit and have them re-scan that packet back in and resubmit.
Mind you this is a dated MEB packet from 2009-2010.
I am going to ask anyone in this, or another forum. Does anyone have anyone I cane reach out to. and email this information to. My highest command is the 63rd RSC, if that will help. Thanks
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