Results are finally in! 30% TDRL.


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Well we got our results in today after much waiting. He was found Unfit TDRL 30% rating for Visual Disturbance with incomplete Homonymous Hemianopsia (6080). (He has a loss of his right field of vision as a result of a stroke)

We are happy to have gotten 30% meaning benefits but we are not sure why we got TDRL (all doctors have said if the eyesight doesn't return within a year it won't likely ever come back). The VA gave him 10% for his mitral valve replacement (claimed as taking blood thinners) but no rating for his scars, migraines or any related heart issues. However, the anticoagulation was not found unfitting!

Also strange is that the Informal IPEB was done on Jan 26 and was found unfit with 0% rating but then it was sent for an automatic reconsideration completed Mar 09 and given the 30% rating.

Here is our timeline:
Aug 07: Stroke and hospitalization for infective endocarditis resulting in a mycotic anuerysm and mitral valve replacement.
Apr 08: First mention of MEB proceedings
Jul 08: MEB process starts. Put in DOD/VA Pilot program.
Sep 08: VA C&P appointments
Oct 08: Cardio appointment for dictation
Nov 08: Neuro appointment for addendum. Narsum completed
Dec 08:
Neuro dicatation complete and added to MMRB
Dec 27 08: MEB submitted to IPEB
Mar 11 08: Received results from IPEB


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Mandy - congratulations to you and your husband on the rating. I'm not sure he got all he deserved but hey the 30% rating from the military is a start. Good luck.


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congrats on your results. i would not give up @ this point and continue to fight for an increased rating, on the VA side of the house.


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Results are finally in! 30% TDRL-Update

Thought this might be helpful at least to those going through pilot program in DC. We got our findings and were happy with the 30% finding but were surprised that they didn't find any of his heart issues as unfitting. We decided to go to see the Peblo in person and discuss our options, worrying that a formal board might reverse the original finding. His suggested if we weren't sure to talk to the JAG office, so we drove to the Navy Yard and briefly talked over our options with a JAG officer who explained our options. Basically if we asked for a formal we would then have time to gather further information and have a JAG assigned who could discuss our case in detail. They could also try for a reconsideration prior to the formal.

The key was that we could accept the original findings up until we entered the formal hearing. The formal was scheduled quickly (2 weeks from request). We discussed our concerns and points of contention with our JAG officer and she put our case to the medical doctor on our board. After clarifying some points (VA C&P exam said surgery solved everything-um we never said that!), we found out they found his mitral valve and coumadin use unfitting. We are now awaiting final retirement orders and the final percentage.

We are still on TDRL but were told they are putting most pilot cases on TDRL.

We will post our final outcome when we get it so others have a reference. Again without this forum for information and support it would have been a scary process. We continue to pass it on as we meet people going though the same thing.
All the best!


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That sounds like good news. I hope it turns out to be! I'm with Rob: good luck! :)


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Hi Theresa,

Congrats on the increase from the board results. I would like to know if you received your retirement orders yet. I just received my letter back from the board a couple of weeks that they increase my rating from 10% to 30% from the Marine Corps and will be put into the PDRL. I would like to find something that can speed up the process since I would like to get my civilian health insurance cancel by end of this year and start my Tricare benefits in Jan. Also, need to work out retirement backpay issues and severance pay issues since I never received the money back from the taxes took away on my severance check. Currently, the VA is holding money back from me to pay back the severance pay which is based on the gross pay and not net pay. I have been told recently that the retirement backpay will be subtracted from the severance pay I receievd. This should be interested on how it is being calculated since the tax on the severance pay and the VA holding back money from me. Thanks!

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