Results back for my IPEB


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Ok.....So I just received my results back for my IPEB today. This all went fairly quickly I thought. Case went to PEBLO March 2012 went to the Board July 2012 and results in hand today 9/6/2012!
I was rated UNFIT for Spondylolithesis of L5-S1, herniation L4 Chronic Lower back pain, stenosis, myelopathy.

Back-40% (unfitting condition)
PTSD-30% GAF 69
Now here is where the questions start:::::::: PLEASE HELP::::::::::

Stating on the IPEB finding was "Unfitting diagnosis is considered combat related and was incurred in a combat zone" Would this be enough to qualify be for CRSC? If so since I am on TDRL would I qualify or do I have to wait until I am PDRL?

Also does anyone have any advice for TDRL I'm worried that they are for some reason going to find me fit after all of this (not saying I'm all of a sudden going to get better....they just told me they want to do a double spinal fusion) I just bought a HOUSE I would hate to see me go back on active duty in 18 months because they think I'm better. If they do I understand, I would just be slightly irritated ;)

Please let me know what you think.


Congratulations on your case, it went by really quick. I could only wish. I have heard cases where they recall service members if found to be fit after the Temporary time period. It doesnt happen that often, just make sure you lay low for a while and dont do anything that will negatively affect you in the future. Good luck and take care.


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i am a bit shocked myself, it looks like they "cherry picked 1 condition" . i would think that others should be unfitting from the DoD side. It would be terribe in in several years they pulled you off the TDRL with less than 30% and gave you a severance package and you still had significant issues with your conditons.

for example
Migraines: that interfere with normal function in the past 3 years, or of such severity to require prescription medications, do not meet the standard.


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Also they wouldn't give me Migraines because I wasn't officially diagnosed by Nuero. I actually went and did that yesterday but I do have to be on medication the rest of my life for them as they completely make me useless when I get them. If I don't take my medication I get them like clockwork several times a week


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Congrats! Our timeline to the PEB is similar, but I still haven't heard anything yet.

Stating on the IPEB finding was "Unfitting diagnosis is considered combat related and was incurred in a combat zone" Would this be enough to qualify be for CRSC?
I think this is very strong, precise wording that will help you get CRSC, congrats on that as well!:)


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I received my results on the 6th tech the 5th. And signed the paperwork on the 9th. I put my date wanting to separate on Nov 8th (they said it had to be within 60 days) I still haven't received any orders or anything indicating my date of separation. Is this normal? I am not allowed to start my terminal leave until I have this date, and my clinic won't let me get a retirement physical until they see that I am actual retiring and I have an "end" date. How long does it take to get this back? My PEBLO said it should take 2-3 weeks but I'm totally freaking out!
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