Results came in


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my results for my PEB for compartment syndrome in my lower legs came back as fit for duty. I can barely walk but they used the fact that i try to workout at a boxing gym couple times a week as an excuse to find me fit. but it is noted throughout my medical paperwork that i cant run, do eliptical and cant stand more than 10 min and i cant do a whole workout and sometimes i hit the bag from the chair because i cant stand but i do mostly ab work . but they said that i said that cant do the eliptical more than 15 minutes and that the pfa is only 12 minutes and that is a lie because i never said that. also the fact that i dont take pain meds they said that i wasnt hurt enough but my doctor (who passed away) told me to get off the pain meds so i didnt even know that i could get more. i finally got an ortho appt to try and get pain meds and if i knew i had that option i would have taken it. is there anything i can do to correct these inaccuracies in my appeal? the presiding officer ruled me unfit and the other two ruled me fit. it seems to me that it is just alot of inaccuracies and miscommunication. Jason what is my next step to appeal this decision?
thank you guys for all the help.
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