Retirement Flag???


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I was reading around and was interested in having a flag flown on my first ship and mailed to me since I am being put on TDRL. I contacted the ship, which is in Japan, and they are requesting I provide a lot of things, which costs quite a bit of money (flag, box to return item in, postage, customs forms, etc). This is coming from a QM. As a YN, I know the ship can mail the box back to me as official mail and skip the costs and most of the paperwork.

I read around and found this: 10 U.S. Code § 6141 - Presentation of United States flag upon retirement.

Any legal specialists in here know if I qualify for this since I am being medically retired? If so, shouldn't a flag be given to me at no cost? Since the ship is being difficult, I was going to reach out to some folks in Millington and have the flag flown there (my second duty station).

Any thoughts or recommendations? I would like a flag flown so I can put it in my shadow box. Also, I think it would be neat to get a flag during any other time than at my funeral.

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