Returned to Duty??


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I need some serious guidance.
from the end of 2017- present I've had an extremely high resting pulse rate (120-180) randomly. Wasn't placed on a profile until approximately AUG2018. Saw cardiology multiple times after 2 ER visits. Underwent ECG, several EKG, holter monitors and was eventually sent to a heart rhythm specialist who diagnosed me with innappropriate sinus tachycardia. I was informed that I will have my condition for an undisclosed time since there is no specific cause of my issue. At the same time I have been seeing mental health regularly. IN AUG2018 I experienced workplace trauma that sent me to an inpatient psychiatric stay for 8 days early SEP2018. I was eventually released and then told to attend IOP throughout DEC2018 and into JAN2019; placing me on 4hr work day restrictions. After IOP ended I wound up in the ER for suicidal ideations, again with plan. I had taken a combination of my medication and alcohol and was entered into ADAPT. After completion of ADAPT I had been sent to the DAWG (FEB2019; profile for my heart had expired at this point) for review- found unfit for my cardiac issue. My PCM stated in NARSUM that I have been sent to the ER twice and have missed approximately 4 days of work due to quarters for my heart. In my commanders impact statement the same was stated but also put 'was on temporary 4hr work day limitations due to secondary diagnosis caused by primary'. Didn't realize that complex PTSD and suicidal ideations were secondary conditions to a fast heart, but hey, I'm no doctor. No mental health information was sent.

AFPC just gave me the word that I have bee returned to duty with ALC code requiring waiver for deployment.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Lots of typos, I'm sure.


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Sunflower, whoever is following you for mental health...should know about your cardiac issues...and providing you guidance on how to deal with your command. Can you access a patient advocate at your MTF ?


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I have seen tachycardia get waivered before depending on severity. I'm not surprised they returned to duty on that issue. The PTSD stuff is a entirely separate issue. Just like Ocean said, you need to talk to your PCM and a patient advocate at the MTF. Your PCM or MTF can trigger a unfitting condition and restart the MEB process if they feel that your anxiety / PTSD is making you unit for duty. If you are trying to separate from service honorably before the end of your enlistment, the MTF is most likely your only option. The commander can trigger a unfit review as well, but you don't see that as often. Most commanders will just punt you to the MTF and make them make that call.


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You provided an excellent summary of your conditions, but in asking for help you were not very specific. What is your desired outcome?
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