RTD Timeline with background


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Thought I should share my background and RTD timeline with everyone. Hope it can help someone!

17 yr USAF MSgt
L,T and C spine arthritis and disc issues followed by Lt and Rt leg compartmental syndrome. MRI confirmed spine issues but I refused surgery on my legs because the only doctor they would refer me too had never done the surgery before. Cannot run past 5 mins or do more that 15 situps without raging pain. I was comin close to DEROS and my PCM didnt want me to PCS without MEB.

Narsum and positive CC impact statement submited to PEBLO - 22 Apr 18

DAWG referred "full MEB" to AFPC - 25 Apr 18

AFPC non concur, RTD with duty limiting conditions - 9 Mar 18

I know this is a quick rundown. If anyone has any questions please ask.
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