SAFPC Findings and Recommended Disposition of USAF PEB


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I'm so confused and this has been a long process, but now things are moving super fast.

So I received notification of being placed on Temporary Disability Retired List (TDRL). I'm confused on how this affects my future going forward and what happens with my dependent. My spouse is active duty and has 1 year remaining before he retires, but our daughter has been under me since the start. What do I do who do I need to talk to? I've just got results and orders in front of me and I'm confused and overwhelmed. Any guidance or info would be greatly appreciated.


1/2012 – Breast Cancer Diagnosis
2/2013 – Completed Breast Cancer Treatment
10/2013 – Returned to Duty
2/2015 – Notified Annual RILO due
5/1/2015 – Annual RILO submitted
5/7/2015 – Full MEB Requested
5/28/2015 – MEB Briefing
6/2015 – VA Claim Submission
7/9,13,21/2015 – C&P Exams
7/24/2015 – C&P Exam Results and IPEB Results: Unfit 90/10 (Recommended Discharge with Severance)
8/2015 – Filed IPEB Appeal
10/21/2015 – Formal Physical Evaluation Board (FPEB)
10/23/2015 – FPEB Results: Unfit 90/40 (Recommended Full Medical Retirement)
10/27/2015 – Submitted MFR with Summary of FPEB Testimony
11/2/2015 – SAF Appeal Submitted
4/12/2016 – Submitted updated profile to Attorney (Pregnancy)
4/15/2016 – Received notification that SAF Appeal was about to be reviewed
4/27/2016 – SAFPC Appeal Supplemental documents submitted
5/11/2016 – SAFPC Results: TDRL @ 40%
5/11/2016 – Received Retirement Orders Effective 28 August 2016


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Talk to Finance about how to move your daughter to your husband so he'll receive BAH w/ dependents once you're officially retired. Also reach out to Tricare to determine the next step to ensure your daughter's benefits and yours so that they don't lapse during the transition. Not sure how Tricare works while on TDRL, so I would ask them that as well.

I can understand being overwhelmed right now, I would be too. Reach out to your First Sergeant too, they should be able to help you.
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