San Diego Timeline and Rating help please


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I know this is a pretty specific diagnosis but I was hoping there was someone out there that was fairly similar and could give me some advice/idea of what to expeect. I have been diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, hyperventalation syndrome and Lose of Conciousness. They believe this is all happening due to a rare tumor I had on my adrenal gland last year that was dumping huge amounts of adrenaline into my body at any given time. The gland has since been removed but now these other issues are occuring. Doc says we are going to meet July 1st to set up appt to get MEB paperwork started. Just curious of how some others in San Diego with similar problems process went and also any ideas of percentages I might be looking at. Thank you so much to everyone on this forum it has been a god send since all of this mess has started. Hope to hear from someone soon. Thanks

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