Schedule of Ratings for Cardiovascular System

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Here is the rating criteria for Sarcoidosis:

6846 Sarcoidosis:

Cor pulmonale, or; cardiac involvement with congestive heart failure,or; progressive pulmonary disease with fever, night sweats, and weight loss despite treatment .....100

Pulmonary involvement requiring systemic high dose (therapeutic) corticosteroids for control .....60

Pulmonary involvement with persistent symptoms requiring chronic low dose (maintenance) or intermittent corticosteroids .....30

Chronic hilar adenopathy or stable lung infiltrates without symptoms or physiologic impairment ....0

Or rate active disease or residuals as chronic bronchitis (DC 6600) and extra-
pulmonary involvement under specific body system involved


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I found this Federal Registry from 1997 on the cardiovasular system. It's from the last time they did an evaluation on the cardiovascular ratings. It's pretty informative as it describes reasonings behind certain ratings.

In my case i'm using the very end of page 7 thru the very begining of page 8. The IPEB rated me at 30% for having a AICD (defibrillator) in place and here it states that it is to be 100%.
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