Second Med Board


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I am currently in my second Med Board for Bipolar Disorder type I. My first board was 5 years ago, and I was found fit for full duty. Recently I had a breakdown, and decided it would be best for everyone involved if I sat for another board. You may ask why I would put myself through this? The truth is, I am unable to do my job like I should, and my performance is suffering.

My question to the Discussion board is this, I was told I would recieve legal counsel. When should I expect to hear from them, and what are they going to do for me? During my first board, I never recieved this option, and went it alone. Luckily it went my way. This time I am hoping for medical retirement. I have 16.6 years of active duty service. Will this play an important part in the decission?

The inital med board recommendations also state this was a Pre-existing condition, agrivated by service, though, I was never diagnosed with anything until I was on active duty. Will that hurt me in the long run, or is this a normal declaration?

I assume this is going to be considered a Service Connected Disability, as it is stated it is agrivated by service. Would all of you think that a true statement?

Any insigt or help on this subject would be apprecieated.

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