Secondary Conditions


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I just found out after my second IRILO they are finally sending me to a full MEB. Unfitting conditions are DDD which has caused knee, ankle and radiculopathy issues. Also listed as unfitting is my depression/anxiety. I just talked to the VA medical people on my base and they told me that secondary conditions are not a factor for the DOD. It is from my understanding that back secondary conditions can apply to the DOD percentages. Is there a regulation that I can find that states secondary back conditions do not have to be separately found unfit? Also, can you have secondary conditions related to anxiety/depression that count for the DOD portion? Soon after I was diagnosed with depression I was found to have sleep apnea and my psychologist and sleep doc have both seen a correlation between depression causing sleep apnea. Would this apply to the DOD percentage? I have tried to search as much as I can and found the PTSD as likely as not connection to sleep apnea. I do not know if this applies only to the VA portion or the DOD portion.
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